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Drastich, s.r.o.
IC: 28331273
DIC: CZ28331273
tel.: 602 793 384
fax.: 567 216 046

Where to find us?

Drastich, s.r.o.
Váňovská 60/39
589 01 Třešť
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The company has a bundler of brushwood Timberjack 1490 D. The machine processes the post-lumbering remains in packets of 70 cm in diameter of any length. When the length of the package is from 3.5 to 4.0 m, the packages can be used to build high quality corduroy roads to approach the wood in a low-bearing capacity terrain.

Biomasa - Timberjack 1490 D

More photos of the bundler of brushwood Timberjack 1490 D you can find here.

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