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Drastich, s.r.o.
IC: 28331273
DIC: CZ28331273
tel.: 602 793 384
fax.: 567 216 046

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Drastich, s.r.o.
Váňovská 60/39
589 01 Třešť
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Drastich Company was founded by George Drastich in 1991. The first production vehicle was the workhorse. A year later George Drastich expanded his capacity by a tractor with a winch and at the same time he created the first job vacancy. Further expansion – adding the road transport – happened in 1996.

All lumbering activities at the time took place in long ranges of assortments. The situation on the timber market began to change when the manufacturing industry started to focus on delivery of finished product lines directly from the site of transport. Another important moment was the rising cost of transporting the wood for the handling, so George Drastich began to think of getting a timber forwarder. In February 2002, George Drastich acquired a timber forwarder Timberjack 678 Minibrunnet. With penetration the assortment technologies it was found, that labour productivity is low and the economy on the edge of survival, so George Drastich decided to purchase a small harvester for the first sorting out, Timberjack FMG 470. On the basis of a successful project for the use of structural funds in the summer 2005, George Drastich bought a timber harvester machine John Deere 1070 D and 810 D, co-financed by the European Union. A year later, he filed another successful project and bought the second harvester 1270 John Deere Eco III D and 1110 D Eco III.

Already with the first timber forwarder, George Drastich began to participate in the research of soil pressure and the damage of transpiration stream and root absorption zones systems, carried out by a team of experts from the Faculty of Forestry in Brno under the guidance of Professor Radomir Ulrich. Thanks to this research, George Drastich understood the issue and so for the purchase of the new machines he chose machines with special belts for wheels Baltic ECO, which the manufacturer had to adjust to the Czech conditions, when the forwarder from the forwarder lines also uses the asphalt forest and public roads. This way modified wheel-belt machines do not damage the surface of the roads and works in a soft waterlogged ground as well.

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